Collections and recovery costs quickly add up, and ultimately drain your company’s profits. Company resources should be focused on credit extension activities and should not get tied up with the excessive demands related to delinquent account follow-ups and collections activities. Data Discovery enables credit professionals to redirect efforts that are best spent in continuing to grow your business. Our results-driven collection solutions both save time and money and ensure maximised collection & recovery outcomes and revenue opportunities.


Data Discovery’s collection prioritisation solution is geared to provide predictive analytics and maximise right party contacts, helping you to speed up cash flow, while reducing risk and potential write offs. We segment debtors for more effective contact efforts, enabling you to mitigate the costs associated with late and non-paying accounts. Partner with us to effectively redefine and restructure your collection and recovery services to focus on accounts that will yield a significant return on action and ensure responsive debt recovery.


Our bureau partnership empowers us to determine consumer indebtedness, predict income and trace consumers by monitoring your debtor accounts to determine consumer data changes. These services ultimately enable you to stay up to date with recent changes in affordability, credit exposure and contact details, to help you refine and execute your collection efforts with greater precision, predictability and efficiency.



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