The customers that contribute a considerable portion to your company’s profit margins are also subject to competitive influence. These consumers know their bargaining power with your strategic opposition. Today’s sophisticated buyers often see vendors as an effective means to achieve their goals, constantly searching for a better price or a better value proposition. Data Discovery can help you adopt a proactive, opportunity-driven approach to achieve the competitive edge for your customers' needs.


Long-term customer relationship is key in retaining your high-value, high-potential customers. Data Discovery can provide the essential customer insight needed to manage credit exposure & risk level changes to anticipate future delinquency on accounts. We can assist with your every-day policies & procedures, credit limit and risk management needs and help to revive dormant accounts.


Effective customer and portfolio management enables you to reduce costs & minimise losses while maintaining customer satisfaction. Fostering loyalty in existing clients can be challenging at best, but Data Discovery can help you provide a personalised and flexible service to your customers to maximise opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.


Our account management solutions provide a structure for segmenting your existing customer base, allowing you to implement automated systems to serve the 80% of your customers who do not produce large results and focus your core efforts on the 20% who do. Together we can develop a strategy to drive revenue growth in your business.



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