Risk managers who want to stay competitive in today’s marketplace need the ability to analyse & understand masses of data, recognise patterns and market trends, gain insights and stay abreast of customer preferences.


Big data, data mining, data science, predictive and advanced analytics. Whatever your need, Data Discovery can fulfil it.


To realise the value of big data, organisations need strategic, and not merely technological, solutions. At Data Discovery, we successfully define and deliver value to businesses across various industries. We apply our analytical minds in the pursuit of extracting meaning from business data to transform, organise, draw conclusions and uncover hidden patterns to enable organisations to make better-informed business decisions.

We have innovative solutions to common data challenges and can reimagine solutions suited to your requirements.  We can assist you to unlock the advantages of big data and database technology, without incurring a substantial capital and staff investment, and further reduce the long lead times typically associated with these technologies.


Whether your needs are related to data cleansing, data enrichment, siloed data, data structures, reporting, business intelligence (BI) and online analytical processing (OLAP), advanced analytics, credit scoring, predictive modelling, machine learning, decisioning solutions or automation; our technical expertise and capabilities fully support your requirements.

As a result, we enable businesses to explore new revenue opportunities, improve operational efficiency, optimise marketing campaigns and make strategic business decisions.



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