Effective data management is critical to the success of any lead generation programme and inefficient data management inhibits many organisations from delivering great omnichannel customer experiences. The power of relational databases has transformed marketing and allows companies to interpret and analyse large volumes of information across multiple silos as they grow.  Without this functionality, data will be poorly integrated and will serve to compromise the core objectives of marketing automation.


A data management system allows you to store, manage, organise, and maintain your data more effectively, allowing you to remain ahead of trends and improve your marketing strategy. An integrated database solution incorporates all your core customer data found across your various teams, lines of business, and various regions and channels and enable you to gain valuable customer and marketing insights.


Data Discovery’s custom database solutions help you connect fragmented customer data and integrate different segments or databases to create the unified view you need to understand your customers’ unique journey. Through our database development, hosting and management service, we incorporate data mapping and normalisation practices to support disparate data sources and provide organisations with better insight into their operations. We help you build a good data management foundation using various database techniques to refine and simplify processes and enrich your company’s marketing solution through automation and integration.


At Data Discovery, our skilled consultants have the required experience in database maintenance to handle every facet of your data-driven marketing program.



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