Research about BI & Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes reveals a lot of technical information that can look daunting. Data Discovery designs and builds dashboards and interactive cubes on your behalf, allowing non-technical users access to multi-layered data that no longer requires IT assistance. No need to understand the complicated data structures behind the scenes to access the important business information you need. We provide a ready-to-use solution with visually engaging displays and drill-down capabilities, enabling you to interact with the data you’re interested in, at any level, from the big picture to the essential details.


Whether you need a simple data communication dashboard without the bells and whistles, or whether you need an intricate, interactive tool for complex data analysis and visualisation, Data Discovery can customise and provide the Business Intelligence tool suited to your needs, enabling you to focus your team on the metrics that matter to your business.


With a customisable OLAP cube, you’ll be able to quickly add your company’s own Key Performance Indicators, drill down into granular trends and access your data anywhere from virtually any device with a web browser, in a timely manner with up-to-date and accurate information. Rapidly combine data from a variety of sources into a single set of dimensional cubes and view the status of operations that provides a significant opportunity to make your business more efficient and quick to respond to issues and opportunities.


Looking for an easy way to access and organize your data, make decisions, reduce cost and complexity and find increased revenue opportunities? Contact Data Discovery today and reap the benefits of interactive dashboards that take the guesswork out of day-to-day operations and provide clear-cut return on investment.



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