At Data Discovery we provide various data modelling services using a combination of statistical methodologies, predictive analytics and machine learning techniques to answer your organisation’s toughest questions. Our qualified and experienced staff are trained to translate your company’s credit risk challenges into appropriate analytics methodology. At Data Discovery we provide practical solutions to enable you to achieve your business and industry objectives.


Big data is a trending topic, and everyone talks about how it can be a big game changer. But even when you have all the data in hand, these massive pools don’t always translate into successful outcomes. By efficiently utilising the power of predictive analytics, Data Discovery can help you discover hidden patterns and take proactive action based on real-time data & analytics-empowered predictions about future trends.

Whether you’re in Retail, Insurance, Banking or any other industry, predictive analytics and modelling can be the difference between a strong revenue stream and diminishing sales. Data Discovery can empower your management team to make actionable insights, act on data trends and make more deals to attain business goals.


Predictive modelling can be used in all operational areas. It allows you to predict possible default on payments, determine supply and demand for certain products, reveal new potential sales or anticipate client churn. It can also be used to catch the straying customer, dictate pricing, improve marketing, predict claims, and know which shopper will make the next purchase. The list continues. Whatever your business need, allow Data Discovery to build metrics and provide valuable business insights to help you identify opportunities, improve efficiency and plan strategies to enhance customer experiences.



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