Customers are increasingly demanding simple, new, and convenient experiences, compelling companies to understand, anticipate and positively influence customer behaviour. In this unprecedented fluid environment, you cannot afford to spend time and resources on solutions that don’t work.


Data Discovery specialises in the development of analytical prospecting solutions that allow credit grantors to effectively profile the open market population.  We transcend the limitations of traditional marketing efforts and individualise your prospecting solutions to engage the right customers at the right time. Our targeted approach assists our clients to cut through an overload of mass marketing noise and connect with prospects in a meaningful way.


We deliver strategic, relevant, and personalised messages to potential or current customers in a timely fashion to ensure that marketing communications are directed toward the most receptive groups. We successfully identify segments of individuals that fall within acceptable risk & affordability levels and target consumers that are likely to take-up a specific product offered by our clients, thereby moving beyond segmentation to true one-to-one personalisation in a real-time context.

We apply our analytical skills to deliver measurable results, giving you the freedom and time to build your audience, nurture your customer relationships, and establish expertise. We help build a foundation for success and together we unlock exponential growth for your business by effectively engaging your target market.


Data Discovery has extensive experience in the direct marketing space and combines this capability with its expert credit and insurance knowledge. We utilise advanced modelling capabilities to help build some of the largest and best performing credit portfolios and most profitable insurance books with low lapse and claim rates.


We are confident in our abilities and are often open to carry all development and marketing costs and to only be remunerated based on profitable business written as a result. This approach allows Data Discovery to provide a profitable, end-to-end solution with minimal financial risk to your business.



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